BJP president Amit Shah addresses at
BJP president Amit Shah addressing a rally in Noida.IANS

While the tussle between the Centre and WhatsApp continues, BJP chief Amit Shah is taking no chances and has reportedly joined around 1,800 WhatsApp groups of the Delhi BJP.

The BJP chief has joined all the groups in an effort to stem fake news and provide direct information to party workers ahead of the 2019 general elections.

With the elections just around the corner, BJP's Delhi unit is revising all its Mandal-level teams. As part of the revamp, all office bearers and workers are being made to join various social media platforms including WhatsApp.

Neelkant Bakshi, one of the people in charge of the Delhi's BJP social media unit said: "We are trying to bring all the party office-bearers and workers on social media platforms. So far, over 1800 WhatsApp groups have been formed and the number is increasing. The move is aimed to provide direct information and stem fake news." He added that all groups will have Amit Shah and Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari.

Bakshi added that the WhatsApp groups would ensure that all assignments are being undertaken sincerely, as well as keep tabs on the directions given to leaders and workers.

Last month, Shah cautioned all workers and party leaders against posting fake news on social media since it hurt the BJP's credibility.

To further emphasise the importance of social media, the party has also planned social media meets to be held regularly at district and Mandal levels, that will spread the message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the achievements of the BJP-led government. This will help the party connect better with the younger generation that depends more on social media, rather than traditional sources such as newspapers and TV.

The Modi government is currently in the midst of a battle with WhatsApp as it aims to curtail the spread of fake news that has led to multiple instances of mob violence. While the Supreme Court wants the government to introduce a law against lynching, the centre has put the onus on WhatsApp to fight fake news.