YouTube Screenshot: UFOmania/A51:s Studios

A video clip originally made by YouTube channel 'A51:S' is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The strange clip shows a spherical UFO moving across deep space, and interestingly, the flying object has imprinted drawings on its body. The YouTube channel claims that they have spotted this bizarre object while researching the website of NASA's stereo mission.

Even though the video was uploaded a month back, it gained popularity after it was shared online by conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania'. 

"While researching the site of STEREO mission, I found this fantastic UFO that as you can see has such a planetarium and seems to have a force field around it," wrote UFOmania on the video's description.

The uploader of the video reveals that the UFO spotted in the Stereo mission live feed is so gigantic, that it is of the size of a planet. As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that the bizarre object in the video might be an alien mega-ship from deep space.

The video which was uploaded a day ago has already racked up more than 4,100 views, and viewers were quick to speculate what the eerie object could be.

A YouTube user named Subrata Kundu commented that the gigantic object spotted could be a space station operated by aliens very similar to that of humans' International Space Station (ISS).

A section of other users claimed that Donald Trump has ordered to make a space force after understanding the threats posed by this alien mega-ship.

"Trump has called for an immediate formation of a space force, armies worldwide are prepared and at the ready for something, and the high strangeness occurring in our atmosphere...you have something big happening. The world as we know it may be about to change. Prepare yourselves," commented Snoot Dingo, a YouTube user.

"That thing has been out there for at least a year, moving around. NASA won't comment on it! No one says what it is. It can look pretty weird sometimes: like it is shooting a missile. Strange!," commented Corey Scott, another YouTuber.

Some other YouTube users argued that the object in the video might be the alleged killer planet Nibiru which is in its collision course towards earth.