Nasa is hiring a planetary protection officer to protect the Earth from aliens

An alleged alien UFO has been crash-landed and exploded just 80 miles away from the world cup stadium where England and Sweden locked horns in the quarter-final. The eerie incident apparently happened on midnight sky over the west of the ex-Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. Eyewitnesses reveal that two UFOs with pulsating lights were seen hurtling across the skies before it exploded after hitting the ground.

The mammoth explosion trembled the houses in the surrounding areas, and the blaze destroyed bushes and grass covering more than 100 hectares, reports said.

"This glowing sphere seemed to be spinning around and turning over our village. Then it fell down somewhere behind the village and exploded. There was a loud rumble. The house trembled. A large flame and smoke appeared over the place of the fall. We ran out of the house in fright. It's good that no one was hurt," said Assel Mukhambetkaliyeva, a local resident, reports.

Local residents soon rushed to the spot, and they were frightened to see a silver-colored object partially buried in the ground. Adding up the mystery quotient, the mobile communications in the remote village were suddenly cut off soon after the explosion.

After analyzing the debris, the local residents found that the UFO has a sealed hatch with a protruding valve. Even though the locals tried to open the hatch, their efforts were not successful.

One of the witnesses revealed that debris recovered from the crash site is not metallic, but it seems like a soft fabric. The edges of the unidentified flying object were seen melted, and experts believe that it might have happened while it entered into earth's atmosphere.

The alien UFO which crash-landed is apparently spherical in shape, and it has a diameter of more than 10 meters.

Conspiracy theorists have now started claiming that this spherical object might be an alien expedition craft from outer space. As there were no aliens in the remnants, these theorists argue that this vessel might be an exploration vehicle sent by aliens, in the same way, we sent rovers like Curiosity to Mars.