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A video which has been recently submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for investigation is now baffling conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts alike. The eerie clip apparently shot in Washington State on July 4, shows a triangular-shaped object hovering in the skies.

As the video went viral, many alien enthusiasts started claiming that extraterrestrial beings might have paid a visit to the earth from deep space on their anti-gravity vehicle. These people also argue that extraterrestrial life is a reality, and these cosmic neighbors used to visit earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Some conspiracy theorists even believe that these aliens are now gearing up for a disclosure which will change the course of humanity forever.

In the meantime, a section of other conspiracy theorists has stated that the bizarre object appeared in the skies of Washington might be the secretive TR-3B, an anti-gravity space vessel purportedly developed by the US Air Force during the Gulf War. Conspiracy theorists allege that the US military is using TR-3B for spying on other countries.

Recently, a similar triangular craft was spotted near the North Korean border. The clip of the eerie sighting soon went viral, and whistleblowers argued that the US military is using these advanced space vehicles to spy on Pyongyang's nuclear plans and activities.

The video clip which showed a bizarre UFO in the skies of Washington has now gained popularity after it was shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania', and viewers soon put forward various theories explaining the mysterious sighting.

"Any and every triangular craft seen in Earths air spaces will be military/man-made. Intelligent beings who've physically come to Earth have long since evolved past the backward technology of triangular air crafts. Not just for anti-gravity technology but in general air propulsion triangular shapes aren't as effective as other models. So sorry but if you've thought you've seen an alien craft it's been humans flying it," commented Kitty Stevens, a YouTube user.

Jack Przybylek, another YouTuber revealed that these sightings are all the result of a secret black operation carried out by the government.