Triangular UFO
YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

UFO researcher David Marler has apparently captured the video of a triangular UFO in the skies above Seoul, South Korea, hardly one hour drive from the North Korean border. Interestingly, the triangular UFO spotted in the skies seem very similar to that of the alleged TR-3B developed by the US Air Force as a part of their black project.

The video of the eerie spacecraft was captured in the night skies, and there are lights attached on each end of the vessel. One of the lights in the UFO was seen flashing in regular intervals, and similar aircraft with identical characters were spotted many times in the past, particularly in the US skies.

"I happened to look up the sky to see the stars and then, out of nowhere, I came to notice one blinking flying object coming to where I stood from the southwest. At first, I thought it may be a helicopter or something but to my surprise, it didn't make any noise and when it was flying just right over my head. I could barely hear a humming-like electric fanning sound and see it has three blinking lights at each corner with a small red light in the center," said David Marler, Daily reports.

David Marler assured that the object spotted in the skies is a black triangle UFO, better known as TR-3B among conspiracy theorists. As per conspiracy theorists, TR-3B is an anti-gravity military vessel developed by the United States Air Force during the Gulf war. Marler claimed that these secret military vessels have been surveilling the area for the past three weeks.

As the video of this eerie incident went viral, conspiracy theorists started alleging that the United States Air Force is spying on North Korea to monitor their nuclear activities. The video was later shared to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly2.0' where it has racked up hundreds of views. 

It should be noted that the latest TR-3B sighting came just hours after United States president Donald Trump completed his historic talks with North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. After the meeting, Donald Trump and Kim pledged that the 'world is about to change'. However, the sanctions over North Korea are still expected to continue until Pyongyang completes the denuclearization process.