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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' has released an eerie video showing an alien-like figure bearing immense pain on the bed after being locked up in clutches. The narrator of the video claims that the footage is apparently shot from the S4 Base medical laboratory in Papoose Lake near AREA 51, Nevada.

Are grey aliens real?

The video, which was originally uploaded by Misterio TV, soon went viral and many conspiracy theorists consider this video as a solid proof of extraterrestrial life. These theorists even allege that the United States Air Force is conducting secret alien experiments in the Area 51 base.

According to the conspiracy theory channel, the video was shot by a man known by his pseudonym Victor. According to Victor, aliens are being captured in Area 51, and the US Air Force officials interrogate them in the S4 military base.

Earlier, several conspiracy theorists had argued that the US military has held many aliens as captives after UFO crashes. The alien showed in the video has wide oval heads and completely black eyes. Interestingly, these features seem very similar to that of grey aliens, a species of extraterrestrials which conspiracy theorists believe to be real.

National media outlets hiding the news?

As the video went viral, many experts examined the authenticity of the clip, and they failed to find any kinds of manipulations.

Victor reveals that the military officials in Area 51 were questioning the alien to know more about its race. The alien was allegedly captured in 1989 after a UFO crash, and it was held captive to prevent citizens from known the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Conspiracy theorists also allege that most of the national media houses in the United States refused to air the video. According to these theorists, national media outlets are puppets in the hands of the government, and they are not brave enough to disclose the hidden truth.