Interdimensional portal
YouTube: MRMB333

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'MRMB333' has released an eerie video featuring a seemingly inter-dimensional portal appeared in the skies of Alabama. The bizarre sky phenomenon was apparently captured by a commuter named Nicholas during the time of an electric storm.

In the video, we can see a UFO-like object hovering very near to a glowing shape in the sky which looks like an inter-dimensional portal. After analyzing the video, the conspiracy theorist suggested that it might be an alien UFO from an outside world entering the earth through a portal. As per the conspiracy theorist, portals like these act as channels between two different worlds, and it is being used by aliens to travel across different planets in a quick time.

The video has already racked up more than 108,000 views and spectators were quick to speculate what it could be. Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that the electric storms in the skies were triggered because of the opening of the portal.

Another section of conspiracy theorists speculates that these electric storms are the result of the arrival of Nibiru, the lone planet which they argue is lurking at the edge of our solar system. They say the killer planet Nibiru is on its way toward earth, and it will soon hit our planet causing massive destruction everywhere.

"That's got to be a portal. It was probably what created that electrical storm," commented Panda Nuke, a YouTube user.

"Reminds me of the portal in the original poltergeist movie in the closet.... same bright light and flashing colors. Crazy stuff," commented Ginger Hinkley, another YouTuber.

This is not the first time that alien UFOs are being spotted during the thunderstorms. A few days ago, four unidentified flying objects were spotted at the time of thunderstorms in Iowa. In the video, we can see four bright objects moving erratically in the skies, and the strange movement of these objects has compelled many to think that they are from an alien world.

The video clip of this incident has been submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and they are investigating the incident.