Interdimensional portal
YouTube Screenshot: Secureteam10

A strange video apparently shot covering the skies of New Jersey is now the hottest debating point among Nibiru believers and conspiracy theorists. The video shows eerie lights appearing and disappearing in the skies and many people claim that an interdimensional portal has opened.

The eyewitness who captured the incident reveals that the bizarre phenomenon was like an electric storm, and interestingly, no report of the event or confirmation has been made by authorities.

The video of the sky phenomenon was initially shared to YouTube by a channel named Faya World Secrets. However, the clip gained immense popularity after it was shared by UFO researcher Tyler Glockner's YouTube channel 'Secureteam10.

As usual, Tyler Glockner suggested that the lighting appeared in the night skies might be either a UFO or an interdimensional portal which connects one world to another. The conspiracy theorist argued that something strange is happening in our skies, and governments are well aware of it.

The video which was uploaded by Glockner a day ago, has already racked up more than 410,000 views, and viewers are quick to speculate what exactly could have opened up in the skies.

"It is a new way of cloaking shape in the sky, so basically it is an invention to distract onlookers, perhaps even a study in the use of a Doppler effect, which has been proven to be scientifically able to cause trance hypnosis to precipitate epileptic reactions," commented ororobos, a YouTube user.

Meanwhile, a section of doomsday believers started arguing that Planet X has already reached near the earth. As per these theorists, Nibiru is fast approaching the earth, and it will hit our planet soon, causing massive destruction everywhere.

However, skeptics questioned the authenticity of the clip, and made it clear that it has been fabricated using a lighter.

"First answer= some guy flicking a lighter inside a car at night while other guy is filming reflection from inside a car's side window, sped up," commented Daniel Condor, another YouTuber.