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It has barely been a few days since US president Donald Trump ordered the military to form 'Space Force', as the sixth branch of the military. Now, Dr Steven M Greer, a popular ufologist has claimed that a department very similar to the space force has been functioning in the United States since the late 1960s.

During an exclusive talk with KMOV, Steven Greer revealed that he has been providing information about UFOs to at least two US presidents since 1993.

"There are two things going on. There is the silly season of the UFO subject -- which is 90 plus percent of it, and there are the very important operations that are going on. The silly stuff gets all the attention because it's silly," told Greer to KMOV.

Greer who is the founder of Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) revealed that a whistleblower who is currently working in Pentagon has informed him about a secret technology which is capable of destroying anything in space.

"I have a man who is a very top secret technology management office whistleblower from the Pentagon who has acknowledged to me that we have operating systems on satellites in space that can track and target and destroy any object in space -- and those have been fully operational for many years," added Greer.

However, Greer did not blame Donald Trump for not knowing about the secret space project which has been operational for the past fifty years. As per the UFO researcher, these kinds of black projects run in an extra-constitutional manner, and even top leaders have limited access to it.

Earlier, when Donald Trump initially announced his plans to launch the space force, many conspiracy theorists including Tyler Glockner who runs the conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam 10' has suggested that Trump's new initiative is an indirect proof that aliens do exist in the universe.

In the meantime, a section of Nibiru believers claims that Donald Trump has ordered to form the space force to destroy Planet X from the space itself so that the world will be saved from an apocalypse.