Interdimensional portal
YouTube: MRMB333

As UFO sightings all over the world are increasing, a section of conspiracy theorists has claimed that there is an alien UFO base with an interdimensional portal in the city of Capilla del Monte, Argentina. Conspiracy theorists allege that many people who live in the area, especially near the city province of Cordoba have witnessed several UFO sightings recently.

As per UFO buffs and alien enthusiasts, there is even an interdimensional portal and alien base hidden in between the mountain ranges of Sierras Chicas located in this area, and this might be the reason behind the increased number of unidentified flying object sightings here.

Another noted UFO hotspot in this area is the Ongamira Valley, located just 25 kilometers away from Capilla del Monte.

On January 13, 2012, two girls who live in the vicinity have successfully recorded a bizarre sighting which features a UFO and some incandescent beings which could be alien entities. The video shows luminescent creatures walking across the valley, and many conspiracy theorists argue that these could be actual aliens who paid a visit to the earth.

A section of these conspiracy theorists strongly claims that aliens might be using advanced technology which makes them invisible to human's naked eyes. However, through the camera lens, they become visible, just the way, a TV remote beam is visible to the camera of a smartphone, but invisible to the naked eye.

A video about the mysteries surrounding the Capilla del Monte was recently uploaded on YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' and viewers were quick to react what it could be.

"How can people not believe that aliens are Among us? I hope that a lot of people would see this footage!! And please Everybody who's gonna see this video share it with as many friends you've got!! Disclosure is gearing forward every single Day," commented Skywatch*ST, a YouTube user.

Another YouTube Muhaa Haloaa commented that alien spaceships reaching from outer space are capable of shape-shifting easily.

"I have some really clear footage but scared to share. But people need to wake up there is UFO out there. You do not need your gov to tell you that. Just take your camera everywhere with you. Most of the UFO I have seen have only been caught because of a camera and stepping through the footage frame by frame. They change shape fast from box to sphere and disc shapes within a few frames.," commented Muhaa Haloaa.