Boomerang UFO
YouTube Screenshot: Now you Know

A video uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'Now You Know' is now the hottest debating point among UFO buffs and alien enthusiasts. The short clip, apparently captured from France on June 14, shows a bright boomerang-shaped object moving erratically across the skies in broad daylight.

Interestingly, the object spotted in the video had a shape which is very similar to that of the alien craft portrayed in the Hollywood sci-fi flick 'Prometheus'.

The video was later shared by popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner on his YouTube page where it racked up more than 3,55,000 views.

As the clip went viral, conspiracy theorists suggested that these repeated UFO sightings are an indication that the government is running a secret black project on space. Some of these theorists argue that Donald Trump's space force has already started functioning in deep space, and they might be conducting a routine drill across the skies.

In the meantime, alien enthusiasts consider these sightings as a solid proof of extraterrestrial existence. As per these conspiracy theorists, extraterrestrials have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and they are now gearing up for a disclosure.

Even though sceptics consider this object a high flying drone, conspiracy theorists do not seem convinced, and they argue that a drone is not capable of performing such high-speed aerial manoeuvres. 

Recently, another UFO sighting, in New Zealand, had suggested that aliens are using energy weapons. A woman who apparently saw the UFO felt intense pain on the head, and it even caused anxiety and fear in her mind.

"Looks like a star that follows me, but it is not a star. When I zoom, it changes its shape and gives menacing energy that messes with my head and brain hurts, causing anxiety and fear," wrote the eyewitness in a report submitted to MUFON.

Interestingly, the shape of the UFO appeared in skies of New Zealand seem very similar to that of men's condom.