condom ufo

A video captured by a New Zealand citizen has been recently submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for authentication and further probe. The eerie clip which was apparently shot on June 02, 2018 shows a glowing UFO flying across the skies. Interestingly, the shape of the possible alien ship seems very similar to that of men's condom.

"Looks like a star that follows me, but it is not a star. When I zoom, it changes its shape and gives menacing energy that messes with my head and brain hurts, causing anxiety and fear," wrote the eyewitness on the report submitted to MUFON.

The video was later shared on conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania', where it has already racked up 5,000 views just in 24 hours. As the video is going viral, conspiracy theorists allege that the UFO spotted in the video might be a possible shape-shifting alien craft which might have come from deep space.

A section of other conspiracy theorists argues that aliens are preparing for a disclosure which could change the entire fate of the human kind on the planet. As per these theorists, aliens might be using an energy weapon, and this might be the reason why the eyewitness felt pain on the head resulting in anxiety and fear.

Soon, several viewers who watched this video put forward various theories explaining the weird sky phenomenon.

"It looks like a bioluminescent lifeform," commented Kevin Coffey, a YouTube user.

"Looks like overfocused planet close to the horizon (object never moved), because atmospheric interference will make anything change colors like that. Plus some parts of it look like a view through a closed hand.," commented Steve Pelt, another YouTuber.

Another YouTuber named Terry Hodge revealed that these bizarre appearances on the sky might be the result of 'Project Blue Beam'. Hodge revealed that the luminous UFO in the sky might be a hologram beamed on the skies to prepare the general public for a staged alien invasion.

In the meantime, another boomerang-shaped UFO was spotted in the skies of France on June 14, 2018. The clip showed a bright object moving at high speed across the skies in broad daylight.