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NASA doesn't know if aliens exist.Creative Commons

In December 2017, Pentagon confirmed that they have carried out a secret program called 'Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program' (AATIP) to unravel the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings.

Since the acknowledgment of the $22 million annually funded program, conspiracy theorists strongly argued that the statement from the US government is an indirect admission proving the existence of alien life. These conspiracy theorists even claim that the increasing number of UFO sightings all over the world as an indication of alien life which exists in deep space.

IB Times India presents you five most authentic UFO sightings which could turn out to be an irrefutable proof of alien existence.

Mysterious UFO which defied all laws of physics

An eerie incident which happened in 2004 was the prime reason which compelled the Pentagon to carry out the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The UFO was spotted by US Navy officials, and when they trailed the bizarre object, it flew in such an erratic manner defying all laws of modern physics.

A few months back, Leslie Kean, the investigative journalist who shed light on Pentagon's AATIP revealed that none of the modern aircraft on earth could fly in such a manner like that object did when it was tracked down by Navy fighter jets.

However, Pentagon confirmed that the UFO search program was stalled in 2011.

UFO with aliens on the deck

On May 13, 2009, at around 02.20 AM, a bizarre UFO appeared in the night skies of Turkey. The video of the incident soon went viral, and many people thought that an alien invasion was imminent. The video showed two alien-like beings sitting on the UFO's deck, and it was clearly visible in the eerie footage.

To check the authenticity of the clip, the Council for Scientific and Technological Research analyzed the footage for nine long years, and finally, a month back, they confirmed that the clip was not subjected to any kinds of editing.

3 UFOs spotted flying between the Moon and Earth

Many conspiracy theorists consider this video one of the most concrete proofs of alien life. The video was apparently shot by an amateur astronomer on April 22, 2018. The video shows the astronomer trying to film the half-moon with a 4K camera. As he tries to zoom in the moon, the craters on the lunar surface become visible, and suddenly, he noticed three disc-shaped UFOs flying across.

Out of the three UFOs, two were flying very closely, while the third one was trailing them behind. Upon closer analysis, it was revealed that these objects were flying in a formation.

Galactic War In the skies

In March 2018, a motorist filmed an eerie incident on the skies of Nevada just a two-hour drive from Area 51, widely considered by conspiracy theorists as a UFO hotspot. The video showed two bright star-like objects moving erratically in the day skies, and their movement indicated that they were fighting each other. The man who witnessed the incident claimed that the apparent galactic war lasted for more than twenty seconds.

However, skeptics claimed that the objects spotted in the video were mere reflections of cars' headlights passing nearby. But still, the dilemma continues...Who will switch on the lights and drive in broad daylight?

UFO spotted during Lunar Eclipse

On January 31, 2017, space buffs all around the world were busy watching the lunar eclipse. When all the eyes were on the disappearing moon, a section of conspiracy theorists noted an eerie flying object zooming past the moon. The UFO was seen flying in a dramatic speed, and alien buffs soon concluded that it was an extraterrestrial spaceship from deep space.