Baby boy named after Italian dictator Benito Mussolini sparked controversy [Representative Image]Creative Commons

Benito Mussolini's parents have been in the hot water over his controversial name as they have been summoned by the court.

According to Agence France-Presse, the 14-month-old baby has been actually named after one of his grandfathers, which is a common practice in Italy.

But the problem arose from his surname, Mussolini, which is actually his family name. But unfortunately the 14-month-old is the namesake of the infamous Italian politician and leader of the National Fascist Party.

The unusual name has grabbed a lot of eyeballs due to the stringent laws in the country.

This is not the first time that the name 'Benito' has created controversy earlier because of an Italian movie "Il nome del figlio" (An Italian Name). In the 2015 film, which is an Italian adaptation of a French film, a man wants to call his son Benito.

Recently, an 18-month-old baby girl's name, Blu, sparked controversy in the Italian city of Milan. The baby's parents were asked to change the baby's name by the Italian court system. They were ordered to give an appropriate and more traditional name to their baby daughter as her name is not apt as per her gender.

Blu's father Luca explained that the inspiration behind picking the name was a phrase 'bella luminosa unica', which means 'beautiful, vibrant and unique'.

Luca told Italian newspaper Il Giorno: "If we don't come up with an alternative name, a judge will chose it for us. When we turned up at the Registry Office, we were warned that there could be a risk of being challenged."

Previously, another controversy sparked as an Afghan toddler was named after the US president Donald Trump. The name created a controversy in Afghanistan and also on various social media platforms after a photo of his Afghan ID papers was posted on Facebook.

The toddler's parents were forced to move out of their village and moved to Kabul along with their three children because his kid was given a non-Muslim name.