France, Germany push for new rules in spy game

France and Germany push for Washington to agree rules for the spy game after damaging revelations the United States tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone. Duration: 01:19 Oct 25, 2013

Desperate migrants seek Melilla, gateway to Europe

Growing numbers of Africans desperate to reach Europe are trying to leap across a triple-layer fence along the border of Melilla, a Spanish city perched on the north coast of Africa. Duration: 02:08 Oct 25, 2013

Cameron pushes for red tape cut to boost EU growth

European leaders arrived in Brussls Friday morning for EU summit talks, and British Prime Minister David Cameron stressed the importance of cutting regulation to help businesses grow across Europe. Duration: 00:42 Oct 25, 2013

Madagascar strongman votes in first post-coup polls

Madagascar was voting Friday in long-delayed presidential elections meant to restore democracy and pull the island nation out of the crisis it plunged into after a 2009 coup. Duration: 0:40 Oct 25, 2013

EU countries urge answers over US spying row

France and Germany want talks with the United States to settle a spying row after US eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile and French citizens' calls, the EU announced Friday. Duration: 00:54 Oct 25, 2013

Hollande rules out supertax relief for football clubs

President Francois Hollande ruled out Friday any special exemption for France's football clubs as clubs angered at the country's 75-percent tax on its highest earners ready for unprecedented strike action. Duration: 00:32 Oct 25, 2013

Indonesian capital swoops to rescue performing monkeys

Lying low in a slum in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, monkey handlers do not dare take their long-tailed macaques out to perform in the streets for fear of being caught in a new crackdown. Duration: 00:33 Oct 25, 2013