A video has been released showing the moment a TV presenter screamed and swore live on air after a parrot landed on her shoulder.

Australian Network Nine reporter Brittany Kleyn shrieks in panic after a parrot swooped down and onto the presenter outside Southport Courthouse on Queenslands Gold Coast, just before a broadcast on 30 March.

I cant get it off me, oh my God, oh my God, can you please get it off me. Its not funny, Burger, its not funny, she said as she tried to shoo the parrot away. Kleyns cameraman then helped remove the parrot, later identified as Lola, from her shoulder.

Lola had escaped from owner, Michelle Mills, who was very concerned about her feathered pet.

Yeah, I went out and did a big letter box drop and a lot of people rang me and said, Weve seen your bird on the news, she told Kleyn who delivered Lola back to her after she contacted Network Nine. Lola, a South American Sun Conure flew away on 29 March and owner Mills was relieved to be reunited with her parrot.