MEA on Indian consulate attack in Afghanistan

New Delhi, May 23 (ANI): The Indian consulate in the Afghanistan's Herat was attacked on Friday by three gunmen who tried to enter the building and later fired from the neighbouring buildings. MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin informed that all Indians are safe. May 23, 2014

Delhi police initiates steps to improve security and safety of people from the Northeast

New Delhi, May 23 (ANI): Valerie is from Nagaland. She recently completed her higher education from New Delhi, and is now pursuing a career in Mass Communication. She has been living in the capital since 2007 and believes the attitude of local people towards those hailing from the northeast is changing. In the recent past, a few incidents of discrimination and molestation of people from the Northeast were reported from the city. Following the death of a student from Arunachal Pradesh, Nido Taniam, many students, social activists and NGOs held protests against racial discrimination. The centre also formed a "six member committee" to look into the concerns of people from the Northeast, across the country. May 23, 2014

China, Russia veto UN attempt to refer Syria to ICC

China and Russia on Thursday vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court for war crimes committed by both sides in its civil war. Duration: 01:11 May 23, 2014

Thai military seizes power, leaving uncertain road ahead

The Thai army seized power from the civilian government on Thursday, bringing about the latest of many military coups that Thailand has seen in recent decades, and leaving the country with an uncertain future. Duration: 01:56 May 23, 2014

Black day for Ukraine military ahead of key vote

Pro-Russian rebels firing mortar shells and grenades killed 14 Ukrainian soldiers on Thursday, the blackest day yet for the military and a dramatic ratcheting up of tensions just three days before a crunch election. Duration: 00:52 May 23, 2014

Syria displaced revive the country's coastal economy

A massive influx of displaced families, mainly from Aleppo, to Syria's coast has boosted Latakia, a city whose economy heavily relied on its port and summertime tourism before the war. Duration: 01:16 May 23, 2014

Nigerians in mourning after country's deadliest attack

Nigerians were mourning the loss of their loved ones on Thursday after the country's deadliest ever bomb attack in Jos, with Boko Haram blamed for the atrocity that killed at least 118 people. Duration: 00:30 May 22, 2014

European elections kick off in Britain, Netherlands

Europe's mammoth parliamentary elections kicked off on Thursday, with Britain and the Netherlands going to the polls in a vote that is expected to see a swing towards populist right-wing parties. Duration: 01:12 May 22, 2014

Iran confident on reaching nuclear deal by deadline

Talks between Iran and six world powers on a comprehensive deal over its nuclear programme are "very likely" to reach a successful conclusion by a July 20 deadline, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says. Duration: 01:04 May 22, 2014

UKIP's Nigel Farage votes in European elections

Europe's mammoth parliamentary elections kicked off on Thursday, with Britain and the Netherlands going to the polls in a vote that is expected to see a swing towards populist right-wing and anti-EU parties. Duration: 00:42 May 22, 2014

Tech advances boost hurricane tracking and relief

Storm technology experts and relief organisers gathered in Florida ahead of the the US government releasing its prediction for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season this week. Duration: 01:51 May 22, 2014