Nasa has cracked the mystery over Mars missing atmosphere

Scientists have documented a solar storm blasting away Mars atmosphere, an important clue in a long-standing mystery of how a planet that was once like Earth turned into a cold, dry desert, Nasa scientists said on Thursday (5 November). On 8 March, Nasas Mars-orbiting Maven spacecraft caught such a storm stripping away the planets atmosphere, scientists said. Maven lead researcher Bruce Jakosky said the stripping of Mars atmosphere took place hundreds of millions of years ago and has slowed down since. Nov 6, 2015

Yemen: Cyclone Chapala batters coast as thousands flee homes

A cyclone with hurricane-force winds made landfall on Yemens Arabian Sea coast on Tuesday (3 November), flooding the countrys fifth-largest city Mukalla and sending thousands of people fleeing for shelter. Officials and meteorologists say the storm is the most intense in decades in the arid country, whose storm response is hampered by poverty and a raging civil war. Nov 4, 2015