John Kerry: We will try to implement Paris climate deal before Trump assumes office

During a visit to New Zealand US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the future of climate change politics.People worldwide are fearful after President-elect Donald Trump said the US will quit the Paris Agreement.Kerry said the Obama administration would try to implement a global agreement against climate change before Trump takes office. 21 days ago

Donald Trump climate change policy catastrophic says French environment minister

Following President-elect Donald Trumps election-campaign threats that the United States will end its involvement in global climate change programmes, Frances environment minister Ségolène Royal has said this would be absolutely catastrophic and would weaken America. However, she expressed the hope that Trump may not follow through on his campaign promise to an electorate that has not understood that global warming is a reality. 22 days ago

Is this what we could be living in on Mars?

The first ever Mars show home has opened its doors at Greenwich Observatory in London to give visitors a feel of what life could one day be like...on Mars. The home opens ahead of the premiere of a six-part docu-drama, Mars, based on the book How We’ll Live on Mars by Stephen Petranek. It will launch on Sunday 13 November on National Geographic. 23 days ago