Three dead, four wounded in Sydney cafe siege

Australian police say three people were killed and four wounded as heavily armed officers dramatically stormed a central Sydney cafe to end a day-long siege sparked when an Iranian-born Islamist took more than a dozen people hostage. Dec 16, 2014

Erdogan answers to EU criticism over Turkey arrests

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Monday launched a stinging attack on the European Union over its criticism of police raids on opposition media, bluntly telling Brussels to "mind its own business." Dec 16, 2014

Homophobic attacks on the rise in Russia: HRW

Human Rights Watch sounds the alarm over an increase in homophobic attacks in Russia, slamming Vladimir Putin's government for "inaction" and urging a crackdown on hate crimes. Dec 15, 2014

Ukrainian nationalists gear up for battle near Donetsk

Members of the Organisation of Ukraine Nationalists are seen on the frontline near the town of Donetsk, as the eight-month-old conflict between government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine wears on. Dec 15, 2014

Prisoners of war put to work in east Ukraine

On the snowy roof of a music school in eastern Ukraine, workers are busy fixing damage from artillery shelling. When their shift ends, they line up in single file to return to their cells. Dec 15, 2014

Bengaluru Police commissioner says threats by Islamic State taken seriously

Bengaluru, Dec 15 (ANI): Police in Bengaluru on Monday said that threats by Islamic State on Twitter about carrying out Sydney-like siege in the city were being taken seriously after an armed man walked into a downtown Sydney cafe, took hostages and forced them to display an Islamic flag, igniting fears of a jihadist attack. Bengaluru police commissioner MN Reddy said they were investigating threats by Islamic State militants, who have warned of taking Bengaluru hostage. Meanwhile, Reddy said that they had sent a notice to Twitter Corporation in India regarding information on a company executive suspected of operating a pro-Islamic State Twitter account. Police on Saturday arrested a company executive suspected of operating a pro-Islamic State Twitter account that pumped out a stream of updates on the violent group's military campaign from his base in Bengaluru. Dec 15, 2014

Hindus-Muslims perform community wedding under one roof in Rajkot

Rajkot, Dec 15 (ANI): The City of Rajkot, located in the western Indian state of Gujarat, is known as the colourful city of India. A multicultural city, people here are living together peacefully. To give further impetus to this age-old ethos, a mass wedding was held here recently, in which around 101 Hindu and Muslim couples got married. The aim was to spread the message of love and brotherhood across the country. The couples mostly belonged to economically backward classes. During the marriage ceremony, Hindu priests and Muslim clerics conducted the respective rituals in front of hundreds of invitees. The couples were happy with the arrangement, as the marriage ceremony was held in a unique way. Dec 15, 2014