Ukip MEP Mike Hookem describes scuffle with Steven Woolfe as handbags at dawn, girl on girl

In an interview with Sky News,Ukip MEP Mike Hookem described the circumstances that resulted in Steven Woolfe being hospitalised. Mr Hookem gave his account which involved Steven Woolfe inviting him to take this outside, mano il mano [sic], and then described the altercation as tussle between an elderly grandfather and a 40-year-old MEP. Steven Woolfe reportedly hit his head that resulted in two seizures and a CPR team being called the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg. Oct 7, 2016

Battle for Orlando: Whos voting for Hillary Clinton in the key US election swing state of Florida?

Best known for its world famous theme parks, this year the city of Orlando has become one of the most important political cities in the US. Located in the heart of the key swing state of Florida, the city and surrounding area have become vital battlegrounds for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign can boast of support from the large and influential Latino and Hispanic community, as well as from LGBTQ groups and other minorities. However, Donald Trump is clearly very popular across Florida, defeating native politicians Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush on his way to winning 66 out of 67 counties in the Republican primaries. With both Clinton and Trump battling for every last vote in Orlando, IBTimes UK visited the city to speak with the people, groups and organisations that could help decide the result of this fiercely contested election. Oct 8, 2016