Clinton in the clear: FBI says no charges to be brought over latest emails

Just two days before the US presidential election on 8 November, FBI director James Comey said that there are to be no charges pressed against Hillary Clinton in the wake of new emails linked to her private server. Rival Donald Trump reacted angrily calling it a totally rigged system.The candidates have spent their last days campaigning furiously in important states like Florida and Pennsylvania with it still being too close to call. Nov 7, 2016

Obama to North Carolina voters: ‘Fate of the republic rests on your shoulders

Campaigning for his former secretary of state and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, US President Barack Obama told a crowd of over 16,000 people in North Carolina that the fate of the country rested on their shoulders. North Carolina is an important battleground, where the president wooed young voters as well as the states African-American population. Nov 3, 2016