G20 summit: Chinese official rows with Obamas national security adviser on tarmac

US President Barack Obamas national security adviser Susan Rice was confronted by a Chinese official at Hangzhou airport, causing US Secret Service to intervene following the incident.According to a Reuters report, soon after Obamas Air Force One grounded in Hangzhou, a Chinese official tried to stop Rice from walking towards the official car meant for the US president. The official was seen speaking to her angrily when she crossed a barricade meant for the media. Sep 3, 2016

JK Rowling vs Jeremy Corbyn: Harry Potter author in war of words with Labour leader supporters

JK Rowling tweeted that she is against a re-election for Jeremy Corbyn saying that this isnt bloody funny. Rowling is adverse to the labour party being run by Corbyn as is calling for a leader who will actually do stuff. But she has been battling the comments on her twitter profile, as Corbynites stand up for the Labour leader, saying she doesnt understand the plight of the poor. Rowling, who has once had to seek state welfare, has responded by saying that she has had to go hungry to feed her child, and that Labour helped her. Sep 1, 2016