Donald Trump bundled off stage by secret service agents over gun scare

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was rushed off stage by secret service agents following a false gun scare, while he was speaking at a rally in Reno, Nevada. Many in the gathering heard shouts like hes got a gun sending an alarm when the Republican contender was 30 minutes into his speech. Nov 6, 2016

Donald Trump is fired at Edenbridge and Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations

An effigy of Donald Trump was burned as part of Bonfire Night celebrations.The celebrations in the town Edenbridge feature effigies of unpopular celebrities.In Lewes, where effigies have been burned for centuries, Trump featured too.So did Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Nigel Farage. Nov 6, 2016

Trump protester kicked and punched for holding Republicans against Trump sign

A man whose protest sparked a frenzied incident at a Donald Trump rally in Nevada which saw the presidential hopeful bundled off stage by Secret Service agents has claimed he was targeted and attacked by supporters for holding a Republicans against Trump placard.Austyn Crites, 33, from Reno, spoke out after being released and said he feared for his life after the crowd turned on him and tackled him to the ground. Nov 6, 2016

Katy Perry performs at Clintons “Love Trumps Hate” rally

Pop star Katy Perry went on stage to support Hillary Clinton during a rally. The concert was part of a series themed “Love Trumps Hate” aimed to attract younger voters.Jay Z, Beyoncé and Bon Jovi have also performed in concerts for Clinton. Nov 6, 2016