Bangladesh activist hopes for speedy trial of Pakistani war criminals

Dhaka, March 08 (ANI): Bangladesh activist and eminent filmmaker, Tanvir Mokammel pinned hope on speedy trial of Pakistani war criminals, accused of genocide during 1971 liberation war, who were released under Simla Agreement in 1972. While talking to the reporter in Dhaka, Mokammel called the Pakistani war criminals as perverted individuals, as they were involved in perpetrating the killings, rape and arson.Unrest erupted in January 2013 when the tribunal sentenced to death in absentia a leader of Jamaat. Thousands took to the streets in February demanding the execution of another Jamaat leader after he was jailed for life on similar charges. Slamming Jamaat, Mokammel said the Islamist party should not be allowed to function, which has always tried to sabotage the development of Bangladesh. Mar 8, 2014

No more carriage rides in NY's Central Park?

New York's new mayor has ignited a firestorm by announcing plans to nix one of the city's century-old traditions -- the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park -- calling them inhumane. Duration: 02:15 Mar 8, 2014

Conservatives pick Juncker as EC candidate

European conservatives on Friday picked former Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker as their candidate to be the next European Commission president. Duration: 00:32 Mar 8, 2014

Anti-Russian rally in Kiev as Crimean MPs visit Moscow

Anti-Russian Ukrainian rally outside the Russian Embassy in Kiev on Friday while top Russian lawmakers welcome a Crimean delegation at the Parliament with the prospect of joining the country. Duration: 00:40 Mar 8, 2014

Pistorius trial grips South Africa under intense media glare

Oscar Pistorius left court on Friday on the day one of his ex-girlfriends testified that the Paralympian star sprinter often carried a gun with him and once fired at a traffic light after a confrontation with police. Duration: 01:40 Mar 8, 2014

Kenya targets Mombasa mosque in fight against radicalism

Branded by Kenyan authorities as an epicentre for the indoctrination and recruitment of Islamic militants, the Musa mosque in Mombasa has become a primary target of the country's escalating war on terror. Duration: 02:44 Mar 8, 2014

Hundreds attend pro-Crimea rally in central Moscow

Hundreds of people waving Russian flags and banners attended a rally in central Moscow on Friday, in a show of solidarity with pro-Russian authorities in the Ukrainian region of Crimea, police said. Duration: 00:54 Mar 8, 2014

Nike launches new 'Magista' football boot

Sportswear manufacturer Nike launched its new 'Magista' football boot on Thursday which the company's CEO claims will change the game forever. Duration: 01:50 Mar 8, 2014

Prince Harry launches Invictus Games for wounded soldiers

Britain's Prince Harry has launched the Invictus Games, an Olympic-style championship of different sporting events for injured troops, similar to a competition already being run in the United States -- the Warrior Games. Duration: 01:00 Mar 8, 2014

Gaza Hamas supporters protest against Egypt ban

Hamas supporters rallied in the Gaza Strip on Friday to protest against a Cairo court decision banning the Palestinian Islamist movement from operating in Egypt. Duration: 00:42 Mar 8, 2014

Venezuelan anti-government protesters clash with police

Anti-government protesters clashed with the police in Caracas on Thursday, in another day of unrest marked by the death in separate clashes of a National Guard member and a motorcycle driver. Duration: 01:02 Mar 7, 2014

ICC convicts DR Congo militia boss Katanga of war crimes

The International Criminal Court on Friday convicted Congolese ex-militia boss Germain Katanga of war crimes for arming an ethnic militia that carried out a 2003 village massacre with guns and machetes. Duration: 01:05 Mar 7, 2014

Bombings, shootings kill 22 in Iraq

Iraqi men inspect on March 7, 2014 the scene of a car bomb explosion which targeted the previous day an area of car dealerships in the capital Baghdad. Duration: 00:25 Mar 7, 2014