Minor fire breaks out at Prime Minister's Office in New Delhi

New Delhi, April 29 (ANI): A minor fire broke out at Prime Minister's Office in New Delhi in the wee hours of Tuesday due to an electrical short circuit. Smoke emanated from one of the lower floors after which six fire tenders were rushed to the spot immediately. Meanwhile, an officer from fire department confirmed the situation was brought under control without any loss to life or property. The fire department was informed around 6:30 a.m. and the fire was doused by 7 a.m. Apr 29, 2014

Ceasefire violation by Pakistan creates panic in border villages of Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, Apr 29 (ANI): Repeated ceasefire violations along the border villages of Rajouri district in Kashmir created panic among villagers who flee from hearth and home, disrupting their normal routine lives. According to the villagers, there was indiscriminate firing from across the border in the early hours of the morning when most of the children were getting ready or leaving for school and the working members were preparing for the day. Apr 29, 2014

Australia's illicit drugs trade at an all-time high

Australia's illicit drugs trade, led by cannabis and crystal meth, is at an all-time high with nearly 20 tonnes of narcotics seized last year and a record number of arrests, a government report says (Duration 00:48) Apr 29, 2014

Microalgae next boom industry in New Caledonia's Pacific waters?

A microalgae industry which makes the most of New Caledonia's warm, sunny weather, could be the next big thing for the French territory's economy, if a team of government-funded young scientists can find the right species to thrive. Duration: 01:53 Apr 29, 2014

Several wounded as pro-Moscow militants attack Ukraine rally

Fourteen people are wounded when pro-Russian militants wielding baseball bats, iron bars and knives attacked a rally for national unity in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk, according to journalists and local authorities. Duration: 00:55 Apr 29, 2014

Opposition grows to David Beckham's Miami stadium

David Beckham is facing a challenge as demanding as any goalkeeper he's ever faced: overcoming opposition to his plans for a Miami stadium to serve as home to his new team. Duration: 01:56 Apr 29, 2014

Pakistani serial killer of gay men appears in court

A Pakistani paramedic appeared in court on Monday over the brutal murders of three men. Muhammed Ejaz confessed to the killings, saying he exposed the "evils" of homosexuality, while police insist he had sex with his victims first. Duration: 01:00 Apr 29, 2014

Philippines and US sign defence pact

The Philippines and the United States sign a deal to allow a bigger US military presence on Filipino territory, hours ahead of a visit to Manila by US President Barack Obama. Duration: 01:04 Apr 28, 2014

At least 10 killed in powerful US tornadoes

Powerful tornadoes tearing across southern United States kill at least 10 people, emergency officials in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma report. Duration: 01:05 Apr 28, 2014

Obama lands in Philippines as defence pact signed

President Barack Obama lands in the Philippines to cement new defence ties on the last leg of an Asian tour conducted against a backdrop of territorial tensions between US allies and China. Duration: 01:10 Apr 28, 2014

Iraq PM faces fractured opposition in reelection bid

Nuri al-Maliki is bidding for a third term as Iraqi premier on Wednesday without any obvious challenger, in marked contrast to the 2010 election when he faced an ex-premier in a tight race. Duration: 02:29 Apr 28, 2014