Mahmud Abbas announces the end of "Palestinian division"

Following a ceremony in Ramallah on Monday, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas announced in a televised speech the end of a bitter and sometimes bloody divide between his Fatah movement and the rival Hamas which rules Gaza. Duration: 01:21 Jun 3, 2014

Egypt satirist who mocked Sisi cancels show

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef said on Monday he has cancelled his television show which mocked ex-army chief and president-in-waiting Abdel Fattah al-Sisi because of 'enormous' pressure. Duration: 00:40 Jun 3, 2014

Cervical cancer survivor cured by experimental therapy

Former stage three cervical cancer patient Aricca Wallace explains how she was miraculously cured after undergoing an experimental trial which is part of a developing field known as immunotherapy. Duration: 01:22 Jun 3, 2014

Cameron campaigns ahead of UK by-elections

British Prime Minister David Cameron was in the central England town of Newark on Monday to campaign ahead of a by-election there on Thursday 5 June. Duration: 01:03 Jun 2, 2014

Japanese company develops power-assisted suit

A Japanese company develops a power-assisted suit it claims can be used in many industries, from agriculture and construction to defence and medical care. Duration: 00:41 Jun 2, 2014

Syria activists campaign against upcoming elections

Activists opposed to the Syrian regime have launched campaigns online and on the streets against a vote expected to reaffirm President Bashar al-Assad's hold on power, branding the poll a "blood election." Duration: 01:05 Jun 2, 2014

Japan test-broadcasts super HD television technology

Japan begins test broadcasts of satellite television programmes in 4K, as major firms including Sony and Sharp bet on the super high-definition technology to rescue their embattled TV units. Duration: 00:56 Jun 2, 2014

Syrian refugee mothers find solace in babies

Young Syrian mothers are finding some solace in babies born as war refugees in neighbouring Lebanon despite the often dismal living conditions they have to endure. Duration: 01:42 Jun 2, 2014

Bareilly: Anger mounts after another dalit raped, forced to drink acid, strangulated

New Delhi, June 02 (ANI): Even as many were trying to come to terms with the gory incident of Badaun rape case, another incident was reported in nearby Bareilly district where the authorities failed to help a 22 year-old girl who was gang-raped, forced to drink acid and later strangulated. Politicos and women activists have slammed the incident. Jun 2, 2014

Hindu temple and mosque co-exist peacefully in Kupwara, endorse communal harmony

Kashmir, June 2 (ANI): Kashmir has often been described as a paradise on earth. Not just for its natural beauty, but also for its unique culture. The way of life in Kashmir has evolved through centuries and is a synthesis of a variety of cultures and religious influences, which have given birth to an ethos, known as Kashmiriyat. One such example comes from Trehgam village near Kupwara district of north Kashmir where a 400-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, a shrine of great Sufi saint Syed Ibrahim Bukhari and Grand mosque (Jamia Masjid) are situated in a row and a famous pond in front of them is the main source of water for almost half a dozen nearby villages. Jun 2, 2014

Govt will set up special centres for rape victims: Maneka Gandhi

New Delhi, June 02 (ANI): Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi on Monday said that the central government will set up special shelters for rape victims in the country to provide medical as well as legal help to them. Gandhi said that this was her first priority even if the Badaun incident had not happened. She said that laws and infrastructure exist from times immemorial, but implementation is what is required. When asked if she will visit the district, Gandhi said that she won't as that would not affect the aggrieved and the situations in any way. Jun 2, 2014