Food handouts for S.Africa striking miners as deal looms

Striking workers gathering at mines near Rustenburg, northwest of Johannesburg, are receiving free food handouts as they wait to hear about a possible deal to end the longest mining strike in South Africa's history. Duration: 00:52 Jun 14, 2014

New York's High Line celebrates fifth birthday

New York's High Line - a public park built on elevated former train tracks - is celebrating its fifth birthday, with officials claiming it attracts more tourists than the Statue of Liberty. Duration: 01:33 Jun 14, 2014

50 years on, US school segregation still casts a shadow

50 years ago, US Supreme Court established the right to public education for all races. But in rural Virginia, black students were shut out of school for 6 more years because the county closed down the public school system. Duration: 02:51 Jun 14, 2014

Obama: US willing to help Iraq but will not send troops

US President Barack Obama said Friday that he is examining options short of sending ground troops to help Iraq counter a Sunni extremist offensive, but warned the country must heal its own divisions. Duration: 00:39 Jun 14, 2014

Wildlife regulator: Africa surpasses Asia in ivory seizures

Several African countries have made great strides in clamping down on ivory smuggling, with large seizures for the first time exceeding those made in prime destination Asia, UN wildlife regulator CITES said Friday. Duration: 00:51 Jun 14, 2014

Malawi's fish stocks in sharp decline

Chambo is a fish that's a staple for millions in Malawi but stocks are dwindling at an alarming rate due to over-fishing. There's also been a rapid drop in water levels of Lake Malawi driven by population growth and climate change. Duration: 01:21 Jun 13, 2014

It Happens: Ganga Dussehra Record

Kanpur, June 13 (ANI): Hindu devotees in Kanpur city of India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday made an attempt to create a record by offering a 51,000 meter-long cloth to holy river Ganges to mark Hindu festival, 'Ganga Dussehra', which commemorates birth of the river on earth. The 51,000 meter-long cloth extends from Bramhavrat Ghat area at one end of Kanpur and touches Jajmau area at the city's other end and was organised by volunteers in collaboration with Kanpur's main shrine of Lord Shiv. Devout Hindus in Kanpur took a holy dip in the river Ganges, prayed for their ancestors and sought the blessings of the Hindu goddess Ganga to get rid of their sins. Priests performed traditional Hindu rituals and chanted hymns on the banks of the river. Women and girls offered prayers for the well being of their families. The first 10 days of the month of June are said to honour the presence of river Ganges in India. According to a myth, the Ganges was gifted to mankind in answer to the penance undertaken by King Bhagirath of the legendary Sagara dynasty. Bhagirath prayed for the Ganges to descend onto the earth to wash the ashes of his dead brothers to give them salvation. However, another event organiser, said the attempt is to make the new federal government of Prime Minister Jun 13, 2014

It Happens: Mud Houses

Rajkot, June 13 (ANI): In an attempt to preserve and promote traditional mud houses which existed in the olden days of Indian civilization, an organic farmer in western Gujarat state built a 'mud house' residency using coconut wood and bamboo. Not a professional builder, but a true Gandhian at heart Shital Patel (44), constructed the state's first housing colony made purely of mud after his traditional mud house became a local tourist attraction. Planning to create an 'eco-friendly' colony on the outskirts of western Rajkot city, Patel added that the concept of mud houses has gained in popularity as these homes are well-insulated and remain cool in summers and warm in winters. The cost of making the mud homes ranges between Rs 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs approximately and it takes almost three to four months to make a mud house, which can withstand an earthquake, too. The concept has attracted the attention of many businessmen in the city who have expressed a keenness to invest in more such projects. They feel that such homes provide mental peace.Shital Patel's family has been living in a mud house since 1998 when he built a traditional mud house on his agricultural land. Each mud house also has an organic garden with drip irrigation for fruit trees, a library and a meditation hall. There Jun 13, 2014

It Happens: Tibetan Artist

Dharamsala, June 13 (ANI): Renowned Tibetan musician, Jhola Tehchung, launched an upcoming musical event in India's hill town of Dharamsala on June 10 to promotes Himalayan artistes and music from across various genres, including folk to fusion to pop. The four-day musical concert 'Tashi Delek Concert'is organised by a newly formed Tibetan organisation, 'Himalayan International Traditional Arts' (HITA) from Japan and it will be held from 29th of June to 2nd of July in India's northern Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir province, inviting all prominent young musicians from the entire Himalayan region. Spokesperson of HITA, Tsering Dicky, said that the agency is formed by a Tibetan musician based in Japan with an aim to promote Tibetan and Himalayan artists. Music enthusiasts from all across the world are expected to attend the event. Jun 13, 2014