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Mammootty's much-awaited movie Yatra has opened to mixed reviews and director Mahi V Raghav has said that he is gracious and humble in accepting both the negative and positive feedback.

Released in theatres today, Yatra has been successful in striking chord with fans who have praised Mammootty and director Mahi V Raghav for doing amazing work. But some viewers feel that the movie is slow and has some unnecessary scenes, which are aimed at the opposition party. The film is strictly meant for the followers of YS Rajasekhara Reddy

LokeshFan - NY‏ @LokeshFan

#Yatra first half - Dead slow & Every scene, literally every single scene trying hard to show YSR as an idle politician is the biggest drawback. #Yatra - Only for YSR hard core Bhakts - If u r a neutral or went for a cinematic experience you are screwed without a doubt - Slow & on top of it every scene tries way too hard to portray YSR as a God like politician ruins the cinematic experience Rating: 2/5 (as reg film)

After reading the viewers' response to Yatra, Mahi V Raghav took to Twitter to show his humble side. He tweeted, "Everyone who has paid their penny to watch Yatra are entitled to their opinion & feedback. Thank U for watching Yatra. Let's be gracious & humble in accepting both the negative and positive feedback. If there is any pleasure in abuse and negativity please feel free to have it."

Some of the filmgoers were touched by Mahi V Raghav's gracious words. They replied saying that he doesn't have to worry about negative feedback as the movie is really good and will be a hit.

Agent Penna‏ @AgentPenna

No need to take the negative feedback sir.We felt that you have made a genuine attempt in capturing the soul of padayatra rathar than portraying it as hagiographic odes of glory #Yatra

Harsh Reddy‏ @Harsh__Reddy

You made a brilliant film Mahi Raghav. Don't mind the haters. Anyone who actually went to the theater and watched your film for 2 hours knows the kind of effort and passion that went into making this film.

Rajesh Kumar G‏ @urstrulyrajeshg

-28 C here in US, Weather is not obstacle to watch my leader film Just finished watching Yathra , what a wonder full movie @MahiVraghav, Well balanced movie no over the board scenes, You potraied YSR as it is ,Thanks for great tribute to My Leader YSR the great