Mammootty in Telugu movie Yatra
Mammootty in Telugu movie YatraTwitter

Mammootty's movie Yatra, which is written and directed by Mahi V Raghav, premieres in the US and other foreign countries a day before it hits screens in India. So overseas viewers will get to watch it first.

Yatra (walkathon) is a political drama based on the life of Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR), who served as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh from 2004 to 2009. It is the next big-ticket biopic to hit the screens after NTR: Kathanayakudu. Its promos have generated a lot of curiosity about the story of the movie, which is produced by Vijay Chills and Shashi Devireddy.

In a statement to the media, the makers say, "Yatra is not about politics or a region - it is the story of a trailblazer who persisted through his sheer determination and hard work and reached the pinnacle of his career. This is a case study for generations to come. This movie is a showcase of trials and tribulations YS Rajasekhar Reddy underwent in Yatra."

The producers added, "Yatra will inspire wannabe leaders to become whatever they want be regardless of who they are or what they look like - this is a portrayal of a person who looked into people's hearts and people cementing him in their hearts forever. This is a gut-wrenching emotional story of one of the greatest sons of Andhra Pradesh and is a MUST watch for every moviegoer."

Yatra is one of the most-awaited Telugu movies of 2019 and it will also be released in Tamil and Malayalam with the same title. The Mammootty-starrer has completed the formalities of the censor board and received a U-certificate. It is scheduled to be released in the theatres on February 8. It is premiered in a large number of cinema halls in the US and a few other international markets.

We bring you overseas audience's response to the movie Yatra. Continue to read their verdict.

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

#Yatra sticks its plot and delivers an engaging and emotional film which captures the spirit of the man and his pada yatra. the real footage that comes at the end is truly heartbreaking. Movie provides a backstory for every important flagship program that ysr introduced. Movies doesn't have too many high or low moments... but it moves in a gradual pace with a emotional connect. Felt mammooty underplayed the character way too much. There are couple of scenes which are against tdp which I felt were unnecessary. #Yatra Other that these minute complaints... #Yatra Caters to both people know and don't know ysr alike. Recommend...

Harsh Reddy‏ @Harsh__Reddy

#YATRA is a well directed film with not too much hype and extravagance. Mammootty played the role of YSR in the most realistic way without resorting to any overaction. The movie goers travel with the emotion of the journey #YATRA as the movie progresses. BRILLIANT FILM 5/5 Stars

Telugu360 @Telugu360

#Yatra interval report: 'Yatra' first half is a slow paced showreel of leading scenes to YSR's padayatra One may feel watching sakshi TV's program on YSR's Jayanti / Vardhanti at times. #Yatra - Biopics in Telugu or other languages project the protagonist in a positive way and leave it at that. Yatra unabashedly takes a different approach. Tries to pander to YSR CP by showing Congress High command in bad light and criticizing TDP.

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#Yatra interval. #Mammootty sir looks elegant & ofcourse performed well, dubbing is too good Few scenes work well & the interval block came out good The makers didn't shy away from showing the ruling party as cruel, there is no grey area here everything is just black & white #Yatra few characters are so eccentric and completely un-neccessary #Yatra ' Nee raaka kosam ' song is the best part of the film , it elevates the phenomenon of #YSR in a grand way Climax - The real life footage of #YSR Gaaru with an emotional song (sung by penchal das ) is just soo heart melting #Yatra #Yatra is exactly what the makers want it to be ,it's a tale that tell us less about #YSR Gaaru & more about the problems of ppl he got to know during #PadaYatra There are few unnecessary quips thrown against ruling party which are completely unnecessary in the 1st half #Yatra 2nd half is more organic than the first , few scenes are too melodramatic but #Mammootty subtle acting make them watchable and from pre-climax with ' Nee raaka kosam ' song the movie picks up and ends on a good note with the real life footage of #YSR Gaaru . #Yatra 2nd half -few scenes are too melodramatic but #Mammootty subtle acting make them watchable & with 'Nee raaka kosam' song the movie picks up & ends on a good note with the real life footage of #YSR Gaaru - visuals & BGM are good - there is not story here ,just few moments


#Yatra First Half Review-"DECENT FIRST HALF"..Hard Hitting Dialogues on #CBN & #TDP Positives: Mammootty Dialogues BGM Emotional Scenes Negatives: Little Drag YSR Bhajana #Mammootty #Mammukka #YatraReview

Xappie®‏ @xappiecinema

Flawless #Mammootty opens the movie portraying the fearless #YSR. He is set to be shown as a rebellious politician - with whom the high command, media and everyone else is easily upset. #RaoRamesh is seen in an important role. #YATRA Prathi gadapa loki vellali ani undi..#YSR sets foot towards his Paada yatra like a person who has nothing to hide. The most prolific political stunt that was never witnessed before is about to begin. #YATRA #YatraOnFeb8th Teary emotional scenes backed up a gut wrenching song by SPB 'Pallello kala undi'.. all the people he helped and all the people who never knew much of him are sure to get emotional. Yes it is quiet sentimental so far! #YATRA #YatraOnFeb8th #YSR

OverSeasRights.Com‏ @Overseasrights

#Yatra - First Half Report Decent First Half with not many High Moments. CBN phone dialogue " They Briefed Me" is major Sarcasm. Felt like Mammooty underplayed. #Yatra - Second Half Report Second Half has some good drama. Movie provides a backstory for Each welfare program that YSR introduced. Last 10 mins of real footage that comes will strike a Emotional chord among #YSR fans

srinu‏ @syamalasrinu

#YATRA is a gut wrenching emotional story of one of the greatest sons of Andhra Pradesh and is a MUST watch for every movie goer. #YatraMov #Yatra #YatraOnFeb8th #YSRForever #JoharYSR #YSR

LokeshFan - NY‏ @LokeshFan

#Yatra first half - Dead slow & Every scene, literally every single scene trying hard to show YSR as an idle politician is the biggest drawback.

Telugu Cinema Fun‏ @TCinemaFun

#Yatra Journey of a leader , leaving few scenes pre interval & post interval movie makes you understand the glory of a successful leader #YSR., they could of ignored adding Jagan speech in the end (might give a political favor) , @mammukka nailed in every scene , our review 3/5