Yang Ye-Won
YouTuber Yang Ye-Won has accused a studio of sexually harassing herYouTube Screenshot

The sexual harassment case involving YouTuber Yang Ye-Won and a studio manager has taken a dramatic turn. According to reports, the studio owner, who was investigated by police, in an apparent suicide jumped into a river in the northwest of Seoul.

According to Korea Herald, on the night of July 9, the Namyangju Police station received a call from a pedestrian, who wanted to inform about a man getting out of his car and jumping into the Bukhan River.

After the investigation, it was revealed that the car belonged to the owner of the studio, who was involved in the sexual harassment case that sparked a huge controversy. The police also found a suicide note that states that he was wrongly accused.

According to Soompi, two more victims came forward to talk about the scandal and even filed complaints on July 5. The police were planning to call the studio owner, whose identity has not been revealed, for investigation.

"We called the owner in for the 5th round of investigations on July 6. We did not exchange harsh words nor was the atmosphere oppressive," Soompi quoted a police source as saying.

The rescue team is now looking for the studio owner. The Gyeonggi Disaster and Safety Headquarters revealed that there are 46 fire-fighters, 18 police and 28 helicopters that are looking out for the studio owner.

YouTuber Ye-Won came to light after her video describing the sexual harassment she faced surfaced online. She even started a petition "Hap Jung XXXX Illegal Nude Filming," which was signed by popular actress Suzy Bae and that landed her in trouble.

Suzy Bae
Suzy Bae at Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong.Reuters

In connection with the case, the police arrested photographer Choi in June. The 45-year-old photographer was accused of taking Ye-Won's sexually explicit photos. The police found evidence that might prove that Choi circulated her photos online.

However, during the investigation, he denied all the accusations. "It's true that I've taken the photos but I have lost the memory chip that contained the images," he said according to AllKPop.