Yang Ye-Won
YouTuber Yang Ye-Won has accused a studio of sexually harassing herYouTube Screenshot

South Korean YouTuber Yang Ye-Won, who recently said she was sexually harassed by 20 men during a photoshoot, has come under fire after chats from 2015 came to light.

According to AllKPop, Money Today has revealed screenshots of the conversations that were exchanged between Ye-Won and an individual or the manager, who is said to be in charge of the studio named in the sexual harassment case, three years ago. The conversations were exchanged on KakaoTalk, a messaging application.

According to the report, it was Ye-Won who contacted the studio first and in the entire conversation, the media outlet couldn't find the possibility of a conversation over "sexual harassment," which now the YouTubers alleges.

What the media outlet found out via the conversations is that it was Ye-Won, who constantly asked the individual to schedule more sessions with the studio. In her video, which was posted last week, she alleged that she was sexually harassed during a photoshoot arranged by the studio and when she told the manager that she wouldn't shoot with the studio anymore, the manager threatened to sue her.

According to the conversations, there were altogether 13 photoshoot sessions that happened between July to September and it was Ye-Won who had asked the manager to schedule all the sessions.

"How about Saturday night? I need to submit my classes fee by Sunday so I need to do it one more time before then TT. If there's a conflict in schedule, can we do it next week with me receiving the payment in advance...I wanted to ask TT. If that doesn't work, can you schedule me in difficultly TT. Obviously, I can't do much otherwise TT," she told the manager in August, according to the media outlet.

When Money Today got in touch with the individual named in the conversations, the person revealed that Ye-Won needed money and the photoshoot took place only after she agreed.

"The schedules were set most of the time because she contacted me as she needed money. I gave her 100,000-150,000 KRW ($93 - $140) hourly. We filmed up to 13 times. I originally didn't plan or think to film so many times," the manager said, adding: "The filming took place with her agreement and I even asked her if she could follow through with the concept ahead of time during the interview."   

After the conversations screenshots came to light, several social media users slammed the YouTuber and celebrities like Suzy Bae, who supported her.