Yang Ye-Won
YouTuber Yang Ye-Won has accused a studio of sexually harassing herYouTube Screenshot

YouTuber Yang Ye-Won's controversy has refused to die down. Last week, old chats of the YouTuber and the individual or the manager from the studio named in the sexual harassment case were revealed and that brought a twist to the controversy.

Now, the YouTuber has responded to the chats that were exchanged on KakaoTalk, a messaging application, and said she agreed to do the photoshoot because they blackmailed her saying they have her photos.

"Do you think I would be crazy to give them permission, to touch my body? I never told them to lay a hand on my body. I also never agreed to wear such an attire. They said, 'I have your photos, think wisely.' It sounded like nothing but a blackmail and so I had a big thought that I should not test their temper," the YouTuber told SBS News, according to AllKPop.

In the screenshots of the conversations, it was revealed that Ye-Won was the one who approached the individual multiple times for the photoshoot. Responding to this, Ye-Yon said, "At the time, it was very difficult financially. I gave up on myself because I had already been filmed/photographed shamefully. My life was ruined already, it was over, I gave up."

After the screenshots were revealed, Twitter users slammed her and celebrities, including Suzy Bae, who supported. However, Ye-Won responded saying that everything will be revealed in court.

"It's hard to endure all the talk that's been going around even though even though they don't know [the whole story]. Everything will be revealed in court," she added.

The sexual harassment controversy came to light after Ye-Won released a video in which she shared her horrifying experience. Later, a government petition "Hap Jung XXXX Illegal Nude Filming" went viral. Actress and former miss A member Suzy also signed the petition for an investigation into the case.

However, Suzy was also involved in a controversy after she signed the petition. Once Picture studio is planning to take legal action against the actress because the petition she signed mistakenly mentions the studio. She did apologise to the studio, but they responded saying they will take legal actions.