Even though we live in a very advanced world dominated by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the phenomenon of death continues to perplex everyone. Spiritualists claim that humans continue to live in a different realm after their last breath, but medical experts assure that human consciousness will come to an end after the brain stops functioning.

Is there a life after death?

In order to substantiate the existence of life after death, believers usually put forward testimonials shared by near-death experience (NDE) victims, and one such testimonial has gone viral on online spaces. This testimonial is being shared by a man named Drew B on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website.

near death experience
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Drew faced the verge of death after his moped was hit by a car. Following the accident he clinically died for some time, and it was during these moments that Drew witnessed some mindblowing visuals.

Drew claimed that he saw a bright tent during these moments, and he also claimed to have witnessed several young people aged below 30. He also added that these people were all jovial, and Drew did not have the mindset to come back from that magical world.

"I remember feeling very peaceful as I walk through the flaps of a massive, bright-white tent. Inside the tent, it was full of light and Happiness. There was every kind of animal walking around in harmony with humans. All of the humans were younger. Nobody looked older than 30 years old. Everybody was jovial and laughing. It was a place that I had never been before and I didn't want to leave," wrote Drew on the NDERF website.

Drew saw his grandfather

Drew also claimed to have seen his grandfather during the near-death experience. He made it clear that his NDE was absolutely pleasant, and added that he was surrounded by a mystical light during these moments.

However, medical experts believe that Drew's testimonial is not proof of life after death. According to medical experts, the human brain will adopt a survival trick during life-threatening events, and it is causing weird visual hallucinations.