Most of the religious textbooks assure that there is an afterlife, and humans will start their eternal journey only after taking their last breath. In order to substantiate this theory, spiritualists often cite the experiences shared by NDE (Near-Death Experience) victims. Most of the people NDE victims have seen a bright tunnel during life-threatening moments, and some of them even claim to have witnessed heavenly entities while being on the verge of death.

The unusual NDE of a Reddit user

However, a Reddit user who goes by the name Pwnographik reveals that humans cannot see angels or white light during a near-death experience. The Reddit user claims that he was clinically dead for three minutes after his body rejected IV and hydration following a badly followed Keto diet.

near death experience
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Even though the near-death experience victim did not see white light or flashes, the visuals he saw while being in the mouth of the death was something mindblowing.

"I didn't see any white light or Angels, didn't hear any voices. I could see, but I didn't have a body. It was like I was on another planet, when I looked down I saw sand and there was very shallow water. It was like an endless shore. The water was probably an inch or two high, but the best way I could describe it is when you walk on the very shallow end of the shore of a beach and that shallow end is just endless, like the water never got deeper or any shallower," wrote the Reddit user.

He also added that there was no sun in the skies he saw during the near-death experience.

The feeling of absolute salvation

In the testimonial, the NDE victim made it clear that those moments were very peaceful, and all his pains and worries started fading away.

"The feeling was so foreign to me. It just felt like every single problem I had, every single issue no matter how big or how small, it was just gone. It was all gone. I just existed. It felt like everything was going to be 'okay' and I didn't have to worry about a single thing," added the man who faced the NDE.

The testimonial shared by this man has now gone viral, and many people argue that this is authentic proof of life after death. However, medical experts have dismissed these claims, and they argue that it is a survival trick of the human brain during life-threatening events is resulting in visual hallucinations.