The phenomenon of death has been perplexing the human community since the day we achieved consciousness, and even in the 21st century, many people wonder whether there will be an afterlife after taking the last breath.

Adding up the heat to this already existing mystery, a near-death experience (NDE) testimony shared on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website has now gone viral on the internet.


The NDE victim who died 17 days after witnessing a magical experience

The testimonial is shared on the NDERF website by the mother of Ben, a man who died 17 days after a near-death experience. After experiencing NDE, Ben even shared a video on YouTube, where he narrated the unbelievable sightings he saw while on the verge of death.

"I immediately found myself in a white room. It was pitch white. I also heard the quietest quiet I had ever heard. It was the most peace I had ever felt, just like the peace I felt when I was four when an angel had comforted me. I heard the lyrics from some music. It was the best sound ever. Better than any speakers I've ever heard. I saw our reflection in a big mirror that was in front of me and thought we looked really, really good," quoted the words of Ben by his mother on the NDERF website.

Ben also claimed that he saw all the important moments in his life before dying clinically. He also added that death is undoubtedly a pleasant experience. The NDE victim made it clear that his senses became more vivid, but the thoughts were not speeded up.

Is life after death real?

Spiritualists often put forward near-death experience testimonials to assure that life after death is a reality, and human beings start their ultimate journey after taking the last breath.

However, medical experts often dismiss these afterlife claims, and they made it clear that human life ends when the brain stops functioning. As per medical experts, during the time of life-threatening events, the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen, and as a result, the brain will adopt a survival trick which is resulting in weird visual hallucinations during the time of near-death experience.