life after death

The phenomenon of near-death experience has been perplexing medical experts and spiritualists for years. Medical experts believe that death is the end of everything, while spiritualists argue that humans start their eternal journey only after taking the last breath. Adding up the heat to these claims, a woman named Eva has shared her unbelievable near-death experience, where she felt immense happiness and pleasure.

In a recent testimonial on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Eva revealed that death is not an unpleasant experience, and after death, humans will have no physical limitations.

My body was falling and then I found myself immediately in a state of completeness. There was no pain nor physical sensations of weight or any pressure. I was at the same place but everything was white and bathed in soft light. I heard some music and people were talking. I felt extremely well and beyond the physical limitations of my body. All at once, I became aware that the music was different than one moment ago when I had been falling. Then I told myself that I might be dead or at the point of going, and I wanted to come back to my body," wrote Eva on the website.

A few days back, Stephen Braude, a professor of philosophy at the University of Maryland had claimed that afterlife is real, and there are several compelling pieces of evidence that substantiate this fact. As per Braude, there are several examples where young children had behaved in such a way that there were reincarnated.

"There are cases where young children apparently act as if they are reincarnated. There are very intriguing cases where mediums provide very personal bits of information allegedly transmitted by the deceased through them that is later verified by investigators," said Braude.