life after death

The concept of life after death is one of the most perplexing queries that humans have been trying to answer for years. Most of the religions, including Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, propagate the idea of an afterlife and as a result, a wide majority of people except atheists believe that humans start their eternal journey after taking their last breath.

Adding up the heat of these beliefs, Stephen Braude, a professor of philosophy at the University of Maryland, claimed that afterlife is real and there are several compelling pieces of evidence that substantiate this view.

Braude made these remarks while talking to Robert Lawrence Kuhn in the 2014 Amazon Prime series 'Closer to Truth'. During the talk, Kuhn asked Braude whether life after death is real.

"Yeah, I think it's realistic because there are a number of compelling types of evidence. Whether it's evidence suggesting reincarnation, or whether it's evidence from people who apparently provide communications from deceased friends and relatives. There's also some intriguing new evidence from heart and lung transplant cases where recipients take on personality characteristics of the donors of whom they knew nothing," said Braude, reported.

Braude also cited several examples where young children had behaved in ways which suggested that they were incarnated.

"There are cases where young children apparently act as if they are reincarnated. There are very intriguing cases where mediums provide very personal bits of information allegedly transmitted by the deceased through them that is later verified by investigators," added Braude.

A few days back, a woman named Sarah had revealed that she saw her deceased son during a near-death experience (NDE). The NDE victim shared her testimonial on the NDERF website, and it soon went viral on online space. In the testimonial, Sarah revealed that she was sent back to earth again by Jesus Christ as her time was not up.