New study shows life after death may be possible

Religious textbooks including the Holy Bible, Quran, and Bhagvat Gita loudly proclaims that humans live after death, and it is after the last breath that we start the eternal journey of divineness. Substantiating these unproven claims, a woman named Pamela has now revealed that she saw a heavenly light that seemed otherworldly during a near-death experience (NDE).

Pamela shared her astonishing experience in the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In her recent post, the near-death experience victim claimed that she was pulled to the mouth of death after a car accident. The dreaded car accident took place when Pamela, at the age of 16 was traveling along with her boyfriend. Due to drug abuse, the driving of her boyfriend was impaired, and it finally resulted in that fatal crash.

Soon after the accident, Pamela apparently stood above her body and saw everything that was going on in the accident spot very clearly.

"I felt the crash, but yet, I didn't feel the crash. I was standing above my body hearing my boyfriend cry out, 'She's not dead! She's Not Dead!' I saw the ambulance driver zip me up in the black bag as they pronounced me dead. David continued screaming, 'She's not dead! She can't be dead!'. Then, I saw the brightest light. It is hard to describe because I've never seen it here on earth," wrote Pamela on the NDERF website.

As per Pamela, the light which she saw so intense and bright, but it did not hurt her eyes. She also claimed to have heard the songs of angels praising the greatness of the god. Even though Pamela wished to stay in that world filled with utmost happiness, a heavenly entity told that her time is not up yet, and she was forced to return to the physical world.

The testimonial shared by Pamela has now gone viral on social media platforms. Most of the religious believers argue that near-death experiences like these are solid proof of life after death. As per these spiritualists, the afterlife is undoubtedly real even though it is not proven scientifically.

However, medical experts reveal that these visual hallucinations are the result of a survival technique adopted by the human brain during life-threatening events. Medical science believes that the human brain will fail to get sufficient oxygen during life-threatening events, and at these times, it will use a survival technique which is resulting in these visual hallucinations.