life after death

Even though there are no scientific proofs, many spiritualists and extreme religious believers used to claim that life after death is a reality, and death is just the beginning of an eternal journey. To substantiate their claims, they used to cite examples of near-death testimonials where the victim might have experienced something weird and unbelievable. Such a near-death experience (NDE) testimonial shared by a man named Bernard is now the hottest debating point among spiritualists and afterlife believers.

In a testimonial shared to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Bernard shared his near-death experience after a heart attack. As per Bernard, everything around him became completely dark after the heart attack, and later, he woke up in an area which is very similar to space.

Soon, two powerful beams of lights accompanied Bernard, and he believes that these light sources were actually angels.

"Two angels appeared one on either side of the light. They appeared to be just like the light, only they were in human form. They didn't have wings or anything like that. They were just beings that were made of the light. The light and the angels were so bright that it should have blinded me, but it did not hurt to look at them. Nor did I want to look away. It was the most beautiful, glorious sight I have ever seen. No words can accurately describe the beauty it held," wrote Bernard on his near-death experience testimonial.

He also revealed that one of the angels he saw seems very similar to his grandmother.

"One of the angels looked very similar to my grandmother who passed away but with a younger and more vibrant appearance. This angel that appeared to be my grandmother, motioned to me to come to her. I began to rapidly accelerate towards the angels and the light. It was pure bliss. Then all of a sudden I regained consciousness. Being back in my body felt painful, disgusting and awkward. I just wanted to go back to where I was before. I begged for God to just take me back. I did not want to be alive on earth anymore," added Bernard.

The testimonial shared by Bernard has now gone viral on online space, and many people consider it an authentic proof of life after death. However, medical experts have dismissed these claims stating that these visual hallucinations are the result of survival technique adopted by the human brain.

During life-threatening events, the oxygen supply to the brain decreases drastically, and at this time, the survival trick adopted by the brain is resulting in these visual hallucinations.