life after death

The concept of afterlife and life after death have been perplexing humans for ages, and until now, none of the spiritualists have succeeded in proving that life after death is a reality. However, websites like NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) have recently published several near-death experience (NDE) testimonials that made many believe that death is not the end of everything.

Now, a man by the name Edward has shared his NDE experience on the NDERF website, and his claims, if true, are literally mindblowing. Edward revealed that he had a near-death experience around a few months back, and during that time, he apparently saw a light 10,0000 times brighter than the sun. The NDE victim believes that the light was entirely made up of love, and he added that the light could be actually Jesus Christ.

"I looked up to the clouds and noticed a beautiful bright light looking directly at me. The light was 10,000 times brighter than the sun, yet I could look straight at it. The light was literally made of LOVE. Everything I ever wanted was with the light and the light was Jesus Christ himself. I just knew it was him," wrote Edward on the NDERF website.

As per Edward, the consciousness and alertness he felt during the near-death experience were higher than the one he experienced in normal life, and he made it clear that everything he saw during those times had a heightened realm. Edward also assured that the NDE he faced made him believe that life after death is a reality.

Even though adamant spiritualists consider near-death experience as a strong sign of afterlife, medical experts have always dismissed their views. As per medical professionals, it is a peculiar nature of the human brain that is triggering visual hallucinations during life-threatening events.

During life-threatening events, the human brain will find it hard to obtain sufficient oxygen for its functioning, and during this time, the survival trick adopted is resulting in the experience of seeing weird visuals, especially, a tunnel of light.