life after death

Spiritualists strongly believe that afterlife is a reality, and as per these adamant believers, human souls will be taken to heaven or hell after death based upon their deeds in the physical world.

Adding credibility to their views, a woman named Cathy has now shared her near-death experience (NDE) testimonial on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website.

Cathy revealed that her near-death experience happened in 2007 when she attempted suicide due to personal problems.

As per Cathy, she heard extremely loud yet beautiful music during the moments of her NDE. The near-death experience victim also revealed that she felt utmost joy and peacefulness during the event, and made it clear that there was no feeling of scare or fear.

"I heard extremely loud, beautiful music that has no words to describe it. The music was all around me. The closest I can find to the music I heard is maybe from an orchestra without sharp tones, pianos, or etc. I was not scared and don't recall having a body or being in a place. It was just darkness. It felt immense love and joy all around, but those words are too limited for the experience," Cathy wrote on the NDERF website.

As the testimonial made by Cathy went viral on the internet, religious believers have started arguing that life after death is a reality which science could not explain. These believers claim that the real journey of humans starts after death, but the nature of the journey will be dependent on the deeds of these beings during their earthly moments.

However, medical experts dismiss the life after death angle, and they made it clear that it is the survival technique adopted by the brain which is resulting in these visual hallucinations. During the time of life-threatening events, oxygen supply across the body will be reduced drastically, and it will result in hypoxia or anoxia. In these moments, visual hallucinations are quite common, and this is often misinterpreted as life after death.

A few days back, another near-death experience victim, Rebecca claimed to have spoken to an angel during a life-threatening event. The woman claimed that she went through an NDE after suffering an anaphylactic reaction to a prescribed medication.