A testimonial shared by a man named Desmond on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website is now the hottest debating point among spiritualists and atheists. Desmond claims to have heard the voice of God during a near-death experience (NDE) when doctors were performing a surgery on him to cure his Marfan syndrome.

Desmond's mindblowing near-death experience

Desmond reveals that he faced shortness of breath during the surgical procedure, and soon, he got separated from his body. Desmond believes that he started his eternal journey at this time, and added that he saw his crying mother from the top.

"I was unconscious until I woke up struggling to breathe during the operation. I had somehow suffered from an asthma attack during my surgery. The surgeons were unaware that this was a possibility, so they ran to grab a ventilator. I suffocated and died for a few seconds. In the middle of suffocating, I began to feel relaxed and thought, 'I'm dying. This is it.' Suddenly, I saw myself on the operating table. Then I saw my mother crying. I said, 'I love you,' but she couldn't hear me," wrote Desmond on the NDERF website.

He later recollected hearing the voice of God while in a dark place. Desmond reveals that God has a booming male voice. The near-death experience also revealed that he became an ardent believer after hearing the alleged voice of God. Desmond also argued that afterlife is a reality. 

What is the reality behind hallucinations during near-death experiences?

Spiritualists in all religions consider hallucinations during near-death experiences as an irrefutable proof of life after death. However, modern medical science has a different take on visual hallucinations during NDE.

Neuroscience reveals that near-death experience is a subjective phenomenon resulting from disturbed multi-sensory integration that mostly happens during life-threatening events.

It should also be noted that oxygen supply to the brain will be drastically reduced during NDE causing hypoxia or anoxia. At this time, the brain will perform a survival technique, and this often results in visual hallucinations.