life after death

A recent near-death experience (NDE) testimonial shared by a woman named Rebecca on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website is now the hottest debating point among medical experts and ardent spiritualists. In the testimonial, the woman reveals that she spoke to one of God's angel during a life-threatening event.

The woman argues that her near-death experience happened way back in 2003 when she was pronounced clinically dead after suffering an anaphylactic reaction to a prescribed medication. As per the near-death experience victim, she saw herself lying down in the ambulance during the event.

The woman claims that the angel had a female voice, and the alleged heavenly entity spoke to the victim, not with words but using thoughts.

"I could read the thoughts of the emergency medical technician (EMT) who was with me. He was thinking that I was so young to die. When looking down at myself, I thought, 'Am I dying.' I then sensed a presence with me. The presence spoke to me in a kind and soothing female voice. I did not see her. She did not speak with words but with thoughts. That is the best way I can describe it. When I thought 'Am I dying' she spoke with surety and said, 'No! that would never be asked of your parents'," wrote Rebecca on the NDERF website.

Rebecca now says that she is no longer afraid of death and adds that she wants to embrace the ultimate journey to the final settlement.

In the questionnaire answered, Rebecca, claimed that her NDE experience was so pleasant in nature, and made it clear that she felt intense love and happiness during the event. Rebecca strongly believes that afterlife is a reality, and there is an omnipotent force called God which controls everything.

As the testimonial shared by Rebecca went viral online, spiritualists started arguing that afterlife does exist, and it is an unexplainable phenomenon for science to digest or explain.

However, medical experts have a different take on the alleged afterlife experiences faced by near-death experience survivors. As per these experts, there is nothing like an afterlife and the visual hallucinations they experience is primarily due to the survival technique adopted by the brain when it fails to get sufficient supply of oxygen.

Experts argue that low oxygen levels in the blood will result in hypoxia and anoxia, and this is the prime cause of experiencing visual hallucinations during the time of near-death experiences.

A few days back, a heart attack victim had revealed that he felt intense joy and exhilaration during a near-death experience. The victim also added that he saw a bright light probably a heavenly entity during the event.