Death is one of the most perplexing mysteries humans have been trying to answer since the day we attained self-consciousness. However, until now, the phenomenon of death remains an enigma, and people often interpret it in the way they like. Spiritualists consider death as a beginning, and citing religious books, they argue that humans start their eternal journey after taking the last breath. However, medical experts have a different opinion, and they claim that human consciousness will end as the brain stops functioning.


Will humans live after death?

In order to substantiate the concept of an afterlife, spiritualists often put forward the examples of people who have faced near-death experiences (NDE) during life-threatening events. Most of the NDE victims have claimed that they saw a bright tunnel while being on the verge of death.

Now, a testimonial shared by a man named Patrick on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website is the hottest debating point among spiritualists and afterlife believers. In the testimonial, Patrick revealed his experience during a life-threatening event which seems undoubtedly mindblowing in nature.

"I was hopping a train and my legs were about to be cut off via catching them on the wheel. I was so frightened, that my life flashed before my eyes in a life review. Within two seconds, my full life played before me and I felt as though I comprehended it all. I could not understand how I could do this and have pondered this ever since my experience. I've also had a few other God encounters: healing 1979; dreams: both dreams occurred on back to back nights in October 1984 that led to personal salvation the following day," wrote Patrick on the website.

In the testimonial, Patrick also added that he lost awareness of his body during this life-threatening event. He even made it clear that his experience was neither pleasing nor distressing.

The unusual case of Canon

Recently, a man named Canon shared his NDE experience on the NDERF website. In the testimonial, Canon claimed that he experienced the most peaceful and comfortable moments during the near-death experience. He also added that he saw shadowy figures during the life-threatening event.