A near-death experience (NDE) testimonial shared by a man named Douglas is now the hottest debating point among medical experts and spiritualists. Douglas,, who hails from Michigan revealed that he reached the mouth of death at the age of 4, and now after 63 years, he has opened up about his mindblowing near-death experience that apparently hits at life after death.

The unusual experience faced by Douglas

Douglas faced NDE due to drowning, and he claimed to have experienced a sense of utmost calmness during those unbelievable moments. The man also revealed that he heard a heavenly voice during the near-death experience and this unknown entity informed Douglas that his time is not up.

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"There was no sound. It was pitch black, yet I had the presence of being somewhere. I did not have the sensation of being wet and surrounded by water. And, oddly, I didn't feel like I was alone. I knew something was nearby with me. This sensation is similar in nature to a person standing about two inches in front of a wall with your eyes closed. The presence, whatever it was, seemed to surround me with a deep sense of comfort. It made my panic and fear go away. There was a peaceful, soothing, and familiar warmth," wrote Douglas on the NDERF website.

In a questionnaire answered on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation website, Douglas assured that death is a very pleasant experience where people used to leave their bodies and exist outside. The NDE victim also added that his thoughts were sped up beyond imagination during these moments.

The testimonial shared by Douglas has already gone viral on the internet, and adamant religious believers have started claiming that the near-death experience of this Michigan man is authentic proof of life after death. As per these people, human beings continue their journey in a spiritual form even after taking their last breath.

Death can be explained through science

However, Dr Sam Parnia who has dedicated the majority of his career in near-death experience research believes that death is a physical process in which everything ends when the brain stops functioning.

"When the heart stops, all life processes go out because there is no blood getting to the brain, to the kidneys, and liver and we become lifeless and motionless and that is the time that doctors use to give us a time of death," said Parnia during a recent Oz talk.

Parnia also made it clear that near-death experience testimonials are not proof of an afterlife. As per Parnia, the survival trick adopted by the human brain is resulting in weird visual hallucinations during life-threatening events.