Many people believe that human life in the physical world is not the end, and they argue that we used to continue the eternal journey even after taking the last breath. To substantiate their views, these believers often cite religious textbooks and testimonials shared by near-death experience (NDE) victims. One such NDE testimonial has now gone viral on online spaces, and it has made many believe that life after death could be real.

The unusual NDE experience of Ken

The testimonial is being shared by a man named Ken on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial, Ken claims to have reached the verge of death when he was aged seven, and now, after 59 years, he has shared his mindblowing NDE experience.

life after death

Ken revealed that he faced NDE due to drowning, and during these moments, he literally died for some moments. During these moments, Ken apparently saw his entire life in a matter of minutes. The man also claimed to have seen an angel while he was in a different realm.

"I saw my whole life in only a few minutes. Several times along the way, the movie stopped. Each time it was about situations where I had done something that made me feel guilty because I knew that what I had done was wrong. I had lied many times and also stole a few times. I was told what this meant to other people and why it had been wrong. In the end, the 'light angel' explained to me that there was a certain meaning to my life and that there were certain things I had to go through to follow the plan that was with me in my life," wrote Ken on the NDERF website.

Human mindset during the near-death experience

In a questionnaire answered on the NDERF website, Ken revealed that the moment just before death was pleasant. The near-death experience victim claimed that he lost awareness of his body during these moments, and the senses became incredibly vivid.

Even though spiritualists consider this testimonial an authentic proof of an afterlife, medical experts dismiss these claims, and they made it clear that it is a survival trick adopted by the human brain which is resulting in these visual hallucinations. According to these medical experts, the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen during life-threatening events, and in these times, the brain will try hard to survive with the available oxygen, which is the real cause of these bizarre sightings.