WWII bombs destroyed by the Australian navy

WWII bombs destroyed by the Australian navy

The Australian navy located and destroyed Second World War bombs submerged around the Solomon Islands, which posed a threat to local communities. Sonar, mine disposal vehicles and divers were used to find and detonate the UXBs during Operation Render Safe in September. Oct 6, 2016

Watch humanoid robots take over London

More than half of all UK adults (58%) worry that humanoid robots could threaten human life. 41% belief they could even destroy human kind completely.One the other hand two thirds (64%) of Brits expect we will be interacting with human-like robots in the next 50 years.To test peoples reaction to humanoid robots an army of 20 “humanoids” marched through London. It is fair to say that many Londoners were at least a little bit freaked out but the presence of artificially intelligent robots. Oct 2, 2016

Fascinating dogs catching treats images by photographer Christian Vieler

A photographer who is taking the internet by storm with photos of dogs catching treats has revealed the story behind his prized photos. Christian Vieler, 46, from Waltrop in Germany started taking photos of dogs in 2011 as a way to experiment with shutter speeds.Watch the video to see some of Vielers most popular images of dogs. The pups may not always look their best but they are still absolutely adorable. Oct 2, 2016