Josh was introduced to Girl Meets World in the Christmas special episode of season 1
Josh was introduced to Girl Meets World in the Christmas special episode of season 1screenshot/youtube

Season 3 episode 9 of "Girl Meets World" will finally resolve the Riley-Lucas-Maya triangle that the Disney show has been teasing fans with since Season 2. The episode, titled "Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2" will be aired by Disney Channel on Friday, July 29.

The episode will be a continuation of what fans saw in the previous episode, wherein the gang is at the very ski lodge where Cory (Ben Savage) kissed a girl other than Topanga (Danielle Fisher). Here, Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Lucas (Payton Meyer), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and their friends will learn to accept their feelings and start new relationships.

After much deliberation and consideration, Lucas will choose Riley, even as Maya realises that she had never loved Lucas. Maya only wanted to protect her best friend from potential heartbreak and ensure that the boy she dates is actually good enough for her. Turns out, Lucas is as close to perfect boyfriend as it can get, and with Maya's blessings, the duo will start dating.

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Meanwhile, Maya's own romantic future is also addressed, thanks to the presence of Josh (Uriah Shelton) in the episode. He tells Maya that they could start dating some day in the future, because right now the age gap between them is still a problem. However, they will know that the other person is out there, even when they go about their individual lives.

These confusing romantic feelings have been addressed just ahead of a huge wedding. As fans know, Shawn (Rider Strong) had asked Katy (Cheryl Texiera) to marry him as Maya was trying to find herself. It is understood that the couple will get married in Season 3 episode 10 titled "Girl Meets I Do."

Don't forget to watch Season 3 episode 9 of "Girl Meets World" at 8:30 p.m.(EST) on Disney Channel. You can also live-stream "Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2" via Disney Go.