Josh was introduced to Girl Meets World in the Christmas special episode of season 1
Josh was introduced to Girl Meets World in the Christmas special episode of season 1screenshot/youtube

Season 3 of "Girl Meets World" has been all about feelings and relationships, which surrounds the love triangle of Riley, Lucas and Maya. After addressing it multiple times, the triangle will finally be resolved in the upcoming Season 3 episode 9 titled "Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2."

In the "Girl Meets Ski Lodge" series, the friends are at the very same ski lodge where Cory (Ben Savaged) kissed a girl other than Topanga (Danielle Fisher). Here they will address their own complicated romantic relationships with one another, with some outside help.

In part one of "Girl Meets Ski Lodge," we saw a new character being introduced to the mix, and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) had felt an instant connection to him. In the upcoming episode, we learn that the two of them end up talking to each other about their hopes and dreams all through the night. This obviously gets Lucas (Payton Meyer) jealous.

Meanwhile, we see Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) coming to the conclusion that the only reason she was interested in Lucas was to know for herself that he was good enough for her best friend. Uncle Boing aka Josh (Uriah Shelton) helps her understand this.

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It is a beautiful moment when Maya realises that everything she went through in the past year has been to ensure her best friend's happiness and that Riley also did the same for her, when she helped Maya figure out who she really is, in the last couple of episodes.

Maya and Lucas have admitted to each other that they feel nothing more than friendship for each other, and with Maya's blessing, he tells Riley that he wants to spend more time with her. Meanwhile, Maya and Josh also have a very intimate conversation where Josh admits that he doesn't want Maya to ever not be a part of his life. They decide that in time they could start dating.

Finally the true OTPs of "Girl Meets World" has been revealed to be Joshaya and Rucas. Don't forget to watch new episodes of the Disney show at 8:30 p.m.(EST) on Fridays.