Uber driver assaults passenger leaving him with broken noseREUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Commuters often opt for app-based cabs such as Ola and Uber as they are not just convenient but thought to be much safer than many forms of public transport. However, these names often prove that wrong and there have been a number of instances when riders have been assaulted by drivers.

In one such incident, a 30-year-old man was reportedly assaulted by an Uber driver in Bengaluru and was left with a broken nose, fractures on two of his fingers and several injuries on his face.

Like every day, the victim, Abir Chandra, had booked an Uber Pool on July 6 and was returning home to Marathahalli from his office in Jayanagar. He said the driver, identified as Anush R, accepted his booking and was already in a foul mood when he arrived for pick-up. Chandra was reportedly alone in the cab and asked the driver to drive a little faster, but Anush lost his cool and asked the rider to get out of the cab mid-way.

"In the middle of my trip, the driver told me to get out of the car as there was a lot of traffic on the road. When I refused, he pulled me out and when I pushed him back he punched me and banged his head on my face. I started bleeding from my nose and mouth," Chandra told the Times of India. "When I tried to defend myself, the driver called other locals and started hitting me again."

Chandra went on to add that he was left in the middle of the road with severe injuries to his face, fractured fingers and a broken nose and was bleeding profusely.

"I experienced dizziness and vomiting, and a CT scan revealed injuries to my brain channels and blood clots behind my eyes," he added and said that there could be permanent damage in the future. He also revealed that he had filed a complaint with the police but wasn't able to follow up as he was still undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the police have said that they received complaints from the driver, as well as, the passenger and both have said that they were assaulted. Chandra also complained of the incident to Uber, after which the company said that the driver had been barred and an internal investigation was on.

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Ola driver arrested for trying to throw footwear at riderOla/MediaKit

While Uber has often made headlines for such cases, Ola isn't far behind. A driver was arrested in Bengaluru, after he is said to have misbehaved with a female rider on July 10 near SBM Circle on KG Road. The victim, said to be a college student and her mother had booked an Ola cab to travel to Malleshwaram.

The Ola driver, identified as Mahadeva, is said to have turned on the meter even before arriving for pick-up. The passenger got a message that waiting charges were applicable for the ride, when in fact that driver hadn't even arrived.

However, when she questioned Mahadeva, he abused her and even tried to throw his slipper at her, reported the Hindu. The victim then filed a police complaint, after which the driver was arrested.

On investigation, the police also found that the vehicle was registered in the name of a Vishal Parekh. "When we questioned Mahadeva, we found that car owner had appointed him as the driver. Hence there was a disparity in the name registered with the company and the person driving. We have issued a notice to Ola on the same," the daily quoted the police official as saying.